Gender-smart approach to investing

As an investor you are already really good at what you do - investing. We want to open a whole new door of opportunities by helping you implement gender-smart tools in your investment process.

Gender-smart investing?

Gender-smart is about deliberate integration of gender analysis in your investment thesis, investment analysis, and decision making. It helps investors uncover new opportunities and see old ones through a different lens.

Toolsets built for you

We have the largest database of women-founded companies in the Nordics as well as tools and frameworks specifically for investors. Whether you are looking to increase the deal flow of women founders, or gender diversity overall, we have the necessary tools from deal origination to exit.

A community of investors

The challenge of increasing gender diversity in your portfolio is not unique to you. Most investors struggle with it. So you don't have to do it alone. We work with groups of VCs who have a common goal, and then on individual level to help you achieve your specific goals.

The database

One of the many tools we have developed for investors, the database provides access to women-founded companies in the Nordics. With over 2500 founders, you can find startups, and discover new potential founders.

It all starts with a conversation

Most investors struggle with getting more gender-diversity in their deal-flow and portfolio companies. But all cases are unique. Let's start with a conversation and see how we can help you.

Just send us an e-mail at or fill out our contact form.