Startup school for fellow female founders

We guide women through the early stages of starting a company. From helping them select the right idea to work on, to building an MVP and testing with customers. All while joining a community of women who are in the same startup stage.

You can apply at any time and we will get back to you when we have open applications for an upcoming cohort. The autumn cohort is scheduled to run from 23 September to 17 November 2024.

Made for everyone

All you need is a start-up idea! We have the tools to make it happen. Join the 8-week startup school and build your business in a community of other Nordic women founders.

Fits your schedule

After getting accepted, you'll gain access to an online learning platform where new courses unlock as you progress. Watch at your own pace, as the Startup School is flexible.

No fees, no binding

We want to remove as many barriers as possible at the earliest stage of your journey. That is why our programme is free, as this is the best way to even the playing field for women founders.

The Program

No stage is too early for us. Do you have a problem you really want to solve? Do you have an idea you’ve been thinking about? Have you already started a business but are struggling with getting it up and running?

The program is open for all women who are based in the Nordics. We create a fun and safe space for women founders who have an idea, but are not sure where to begin with their startup journey.

You don't need to have a solid idea for a solution, or a business model, we'll help you achieve that.

Week 0

How we work and what to expect.


Week 1

Translating your ideas into a business model.


Week 2

How to assess if your idea has product market fit?


Week 3

Go out and test your ideas with potential customers.


Week 4

Turning your results into real insights for your first product.


Week 5

How to build you first Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


Week 6

Go out and get people test your MVP.


Week 7

The operational setup to keep it going, both full-time or part-time?


Week 8

What's next: From joining other programs, to funding options, to finding a co-founder, etc.


The Timeline

Our next Fall cohort starts in September, and applications are already open!

Don't just take our word for it

Check out some testimonials from our previous graduates.
"The school provided great resources and a network of women that certainly contributed to my journey as a founder of Elson Solutions. I am also happy to see how Even Founders evolved into a platform much needed for female founders."
2nd Cohort
"It is more than a network of talented, inspiring women - it's a boost of energy, can-do attitude and good vibes that will set you in the right direction"
2nd Cohort
"Joining the startup school speed-forwarded my business from idea to reality and helped me to gain confidence and stay accountable with myself."
3rd Cohort


My co-founder is male, can he join?

The short answer is: no. The Startup School has intentionally been built for women founders, and while we welcome men to join and support the initiative in many different ways, they can't join the Startup School.

Is the Startup School really free?

Yes. The Startup School is completely free. We have made a conscious decision to make the Startup School free to remove any barriers that women might have when starting a company.

Do I need to be fulltime on my startup to join the School?

No, most of the women in our cohort are working on their startup while having a full-time job. The Startup School prepares you to test your idea before you are ready to leave your job and do this full time.

My startup is only an idea, can I still join?

Yes! The Startup School is designed for women who are at the earliest stage possible. When you have an idea, but are not sure where to start.