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Even Founders

Women are still underrepresented and underfunded in the Nordics.

We aim to change both with:


Join the first Startup School for women founders in the Nordics

We guide women through the early stages of starting a company. From helping them select the right idea to work on, to building an MVP to test with customers. All while joining a community of women who are in the same startup stage.

Anda-Maria Mihu

Joining With Purpose is what I needed in order to put myself back on track and it gives me the support and the right tools that I need for the future.

Even Founders Startup School
Even Founders Database


The largest database of women-founded companies

Less than 2% of funding goes to women-founded companies. With the database, we aim to provide an easy access to a potential deal flow of women-founded and co-founded companies. With a focus on discovering pre-seed and seed deals, the database will be dynamic and feature the latest companies being founded.


Supported by the ecosystem

The whole ecosystem agrees, we want to help women founders go further faster. But no one can do it alone. If you are also looking to support women founders, join our community.

Even Founders Partner - byFounders

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