Evening the playing field for women founders

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and fund more women founders. We work with founders, investors and ecosystem partners to tackle one of the biggest gaps in the startup space.

By building tangible, real-world solutions we are evening the playing field for women founders.

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What we do and why

For Women Founders

If you are a woman with an idea of starting a business, but not sure where to start your journey, this is the right place to do it.

For Investors

If you are an investor looking to increase gender diversity in your deal flow or learn how to include gender analysis in your process, this is for you.

Online Startup School

No stage is too early for us. Do you have a problem you really want to solve? Do you have an idea you’ve been thinking about? Have you already started a business but are struggling with getting it up and running?

Join the free 8-week Startup School and build your business in a community of other Nordic women founders.

The Startup School is proudly supported by Tuborg Fondet.

Week 0

How we work and what to expect


Week 1

Translating your ideas into a business model


Week 2

Assess whether you are solving the right problem


Week 3

Go out and test your ideas with potential customers


Week 4

Turn information into insights


Week 5

Learn how to build you first Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Week 6

Go out and get people test your MVP


Week 7

Operational setup, understanding legal and finances


Week 8

What's next: From joining other programs, to funding options, to finding a co-founder, etc.


Engagements & Features

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Largest database of women founders in the Nordics

Less than 2% of funding goes to women-founded companies. With the database, we provide women founders the stage they deserve and investors an easy access to a deal flow of women-founded and co-founded companies.

Our Partners

We collaborate with investors and companies to help them increase gender diversity in their portfolio and support women founders. You can join forces with us to sponsor events, reports, or our initiatives.

Our partners benefit from full access to the Even Founders community, enabling them to leverage their knowledge and network to to strengthen the founders’ ecosystem.

Funding Partner

We are looking for new partners

Design Partner

Education Partner

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Who's behind the work

Meet the team behind Even Founders. We are founders, investors, operators, innovators and researchers with first-hand experience from both sides of the table.