Funded! A rewrite of the women founders narrative

Spotlighting women who successfully fundraised in 2023 in the Nordics.

Ana Andonovska
01 January 2024
1 min read

In recent years, heightened attention has been drawn to the persisting issue of insufficient funding for women founders, with disappointingly minimal year-over-year improvement. Across the Nordic region, funding for companies solely founded by women remains below 3%.

Because of this challenge, the stories of women who successfully manage to fundraise and build great companies is never highlighted enough. The fact that women-run companies outperform male-run companies doesn’t get mentioned enough.

But the fact is that there are noteworthy women securing funding and establishing remarkable companies. At Even Founders, our mission involves not only increasing opportunities for women founders, but also reshaping the narrative surrounding their endeavours and the inherent challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

Our Funded! report spotlights 32 companies who successfully secured funding in 2023. This report aims to inspire, create discussions, and create a shift in how we approach conversations around women founders.

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