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Here you can create your own startup profile. In case you would like to have some help with this or have any questions - please feel free to reach out to

Whatever the stage or maturity of your startup, we want as many women founders as possible to join the database and gain exposure to investors and other ecosystem partners.

Check Your Entry

We have already collected information on more than 2000 women founders in the Nordics and are in the process of enriching it with more information on businesses, funding and more.

Please check if your startup is among them and either add it to our entries or provide more details so that investors, journalists and others can learn more about your venture.


How frequently is the database updated with new profiles and information?

Although we have built this database from the ground up, it is not complete and needs constant updates. We therefore encourage all women founders in the Nordic countries to actively participate by editing and adding their startups to ensure that the database remains current and vibrant.

I have applied and logged in but do not have access to the full database?

We are constantly reviewing all early access applications. If you cannot find or access the database yet, it means your request is still in process. For further questions, please contact us at

I would like to add or edit a profile, how can I do this?

Simply click the Add/Edit button right under the database. When you fill out the form, any fields you enter will be added to a new profile or replaced in an existing one after it has been reviewed by one of our team members.

I have submitted/edited my profile, but it is not showing up, what is wrong?

All submitted profiles are being reviewed by our team before publishing. Hence - it might take a bit of time before we will publish your profile or changes.

How can I delete or deactivate my profile in the database?

Please send us a mail to and we will take care of it right away.