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Open letter

With Purpose is a call to action to bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship in the Nordics. We provide women access to the tools and connections needed to advance in their efforts to build a company. Through targeted skill-building, raising the visibility of female entrepreneurs, and the Nordic female founders & mentors network, With Purpose provides the resources needed to bridge the gender gap.

While women-founded or co-founded companies outperform male-only led companies by 45% when looking at revenue, there’s still a gap when it comes to investment in female-only teams v.s. male-only teams. Even in the Nordics, which have a reputation for strong gender equality, only 1.3% of the total capital raised in 2019 went to female founder teams. In Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, the number is even lower, at a staggering 1% (Nordic startup funding, 2019).

Empowering more women to start a company and support them on their entrepreneurial journey needs to be a conscious choice, continuous effort, and measurable action that can lead to real impact and results. Equal investment opportunities for women are not guaranteed, it’s a goal.


With Purpose provides targeted skill-building, visibility of female entrepreneurs, and creates a Nordic female founders network. We aim to take a proactive and focused approach to help women overcome many of the obstacles that detract them from becoming founders and encourage more women to take the leap to become a startup founder.

Our focus is on entrepreneurs that are looking to found or have founded a company whose purpose goes beyond profit. We support founders who look at profit as a means to achieve a positive impact on the industry, sector, or niche they are transforming.

We believe that there is no singular answer—every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact. Both women and men play a crucial role in this challenge, and that's why we welcome both to support the mission.

There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in our mission. By joining With Purpose you become a crucial part of our movement, making sure that our mission is heard, echoed, and has a far-reaching, lasting impact.


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